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A beautiful oak frame
gives a feeling of calm and timeless solidity

Alba Design and Build

We design and build oak framed buildings, garden rooms, orangeries and carports

Kippen in Douglas Fir

also build in Douglas Fir

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Discover the natural beauty of oak

Alba Oak Frame handmade in Scotland
Green Oak Frames

Alba Green Oak Frames design and build oak framed extensions and buildings. Garden rooms, orangeries, garages and outbuildings throughout Scotland and Northern England.

In choosing an oak frame, you are supporting one of the greenest building techniques available. Compared to materials such as metal or plastic, timber requires only a fraction of the energy in its production.

We only source from suppliers that promote and aid sustainable forestry. The vast majority of the high-grade oak we use for framing is from France where strict and sustainable forestry management has been in practice for centuries. 

Discover the Beauty of an Alba Green oak frame

why green oak ?

Green oak frames are proven to last for centuries and through their varied design provide an opportunity to create outstandingly beautiful buildings

We ensure that the wood we purchase is from a source that promotes and aids sustainable forestry, generally through a formal chain of custody. We actively encourage our clients to use environmentally friendly building materials and processes making your new living space something to be truly proud of.

Drawing on our knowledge of traditional jointing methods and understanding of the materials we use, oak is perfectly suited to the demands of modern construction.

from little acorns

You have a dream, an idea.  Our team are committed to providing a friendly and efficient service, creating beautiful oak frames that will last through the years

Alba Green Oak Frames are committed to providing a friendly and efficient service that revolves around the needs of our clients from the design stages right through to completion. Creating beautiful and environmentally sustainable oak frames that will last for many years to come.

We take immense pride in what we do and approach every project as if it were our own.

Find out more about Alba Green Oak by downloading our brochure.

handmade in Scotland

“Being part of the process of a build is more than just a  job. Having our hands on the timber from start to finish makes us part of the structure.” 

Luke Mallet: Co-Founder

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